ProRestore® Electro-Gen™ Electric Thermal Fogger


  • Produces extremely fine particle size that mimics the behavior of smoke, delivering odor control deep into cracks, crevices and cavities.
  • Particle size: Cold spraying: 115 microns
  • Output spraying: 1 oz per minute; Fogging: 13.5 microns
  • Output fogging: 1,000 cu. Ft. per minute; Amps: 8A
Alternate #102257000
  • Description

Can also be easily modified for use as a wet fogger. For use with ODORx Thermo-55 solvent-based formulations. Produces a true "dry fog" with a very small particle size similar to smoke for deep penetration. Virtually eliminates the drips and streaks associated with conventional misters and foggers. Can be used as an electric sprayer to apply solvent- or water-based chemicals for deodorizing. Simply remove the heater barrel for this function.